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Jam! Ajax Form Helper A simple jQuery plugin to ajaxify forms

This simple plugin automatically ajaxifies your forms and takes care of all the processing code, so that you'll only have to write UI code. It also supports per-field validation, allowing you to decide which fields, if any, need to be validated and how, and file upload with progress tracking.

I've included both a working example and its code in this page so that you can try it out. Don't worry, all the files you upload end up in a black hole! I've put no file size limit, so feel free to try any size you want!

Try the demo! See the code! See on GitHub

This thing works with Safari 6, Chrome 23, Firefox 19 and Internet Explorer 10. It also works on iPhones and iPads equipped with iOS 6.
Does not work with IE 9 or older, don't know about Opera, untested on Android devices.
If you are having problems you can contact me or open an issue on GitHub!